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Swole-Strap Is a new, Patent Pending, Fitness Resistance Training device that is designed to stimulate multiple muscle fibers by adding staged resistance in the same repetition. Swole-Strap can be adapted to most conventional weight stack machines found in every gym or health club.


 Swole-Strap is a compact and lightweight  staged resistance weight training device that can be effortlessly and conveniently be attached to most weight stack machines, without the need for tools. Swole-Strap allows the user to engage multiple muscle fibers in the same repetition. Specifically, our body is composed of two (2) general types of skeletal muscle fibers: slow twitch (type 1) and fast twitch (type 2) that are recruited independently, reliant upon the movement executed. Conventional weight stack machines have a fixed level of resistance or weight that is maintained throughout the entire range of motion, thereby making it challenging and time consuming to target these major muscle groups. The user must either use minimal resistance with a higher repetition count or heavy resistance and lower repetitions. With Swole-Strap, the user has the ability to activate both muscle groups when executing a concentric or eccentric movement, in a single repetition; leading to faster results and pumps you can really feel!



 Swole-Strap resistance training is for all levels of fitness. whether your a beginner or an professional athlete, Swole-Strap staged resistance training band can help you gain strength, get quicker pumps, burn more calories and in many situation's cut your workout time's shorter because of the increased intensity added to the workout feeling like a "superset" was performed. Swole-Strap works with most weight stack exercise equipment.


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Back exercise utilizing Swole-Strap 


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 Consult your Doctor before starting any physical exercise. Use product at your own risk. FRS Concepts & Innovations, LLC, or Swole-Strap and any related companies and representatives are NOT responsible for any damage caused by the use of this product. We do not endorse any usage of the Swole-Strap that are not featured on the Swole-Strap website or FRS Concepts & Innovations, LLC